Jesus Is On Every Page

Jesus Is On Every Page

The Lord Jesus Christ fills the pages of the entire New Testament.

In Matthew, He is the King of the Jews.

In Mark, He is the Beloved Son of God.

In Luke, He is the Perfect Son of Man.

In John, He is the Servant of Jehovah.

In Acts, He is the Ascended Lord.

In Romans, He is our Righteousness.

In 1Corinthians, He is the Firstfruits from the dead.

In 2Corinthians, He is made Sin for us.

In Galatians, He is the End of the Law.

In Ephesians, He is our Armor.

In Philippians, He is the Supplier of Every Need.

In Colossians, He is Preeminent in the Church.

In 1Thessalonians, He is our Returning Lord.

In 2Thessalonians, He is the World's Merciful Judge.

In 1Timothy, He is the Mediator.

In 2Timothy, He is the Seed of David.

In Titus, He is our Great God and Savior.

In Philemon, He is the Father's Partner.

In Hebrews, He is the Rest of Faith and Fulfiller of Types.

In James, He is the Lord of the Sabbath.

In 1Peter, He is the Theme of Old Testament Prophecy.

In 2Peter, He is the Longsuffering Savior.

In 1John, He is the Word of Life.

In 2John, He is the Target of the Antichrist.

In 3John, He is the Personification of Truth.

In Jude, He is the believer's Hope.

In Revelation, He is the Loving King and Lord.


Thelma’s Fourth Husband

            Thelma was an energetic, outgoing person who took life's little setbacks in stride. However, when she was widowed at the age of 75 for the third time, she went into a state of gloom and sadness that just wouldn't go away. She wouldn't eat, she wouldn't go out; she seemed to care for nothing anymore. In despair, her children finally put her in a senior assisted living facility until the time would come that she would pass away, too. Instead, she gradually began to take an interest in life. Daily she went from room to room, visiting and talking with the residents who were bedfast. She organized and directed activities, and encouraged all of the seniors to get involved at some level.

            In appreciation, the nursing home threw a large surprise birthday party for Thelma when she turned 80. During the birthday dinner, she noticed a new man sitting at the end of the table, and she started to stare and to become very quiet. All through the meal, and the cake, and the presents, she kept looking at this fellow as if she had seen him before, but forgotten who he was. Eventually, she got up and walked over to him and said, "Pardon me for making you so uncomfortable. I just couldn't help staring at you all evening. You look so much like my fourth husband."

            "Fourth husband!" he said. "How many times have you been married?"

            "Three," she replied, with a smile spreading across her face.

            The wedding was a few weeks later.

            Three lessons taught by Thelma:

1) Regardless of our environment and circumstances, we can find a way to make life meaningful. (Phil. 4:11)

2) We find our greatest joy and fulfillment when we are serving others. (Mark 10:45)

3) Take advantage of opportunities. (Matt. 9:37-38; Col. 4:2-4; Acts 17:16, 34)

A Moments Wisdom

--It is impossible to break out of God's will without breaking into God's judgment.

--The light that shines farthest shines brightest nearest home.

--Experience is what you get when you didn't get what you wanted.

--It is a sad religion that is never strong until its owner gets sick.

--Meeting house keys open the door to a successful week.

--A friend is one who can put his finger on our faults without rubbing it in.

--You can't change the past; but, you can ruin a perfectly good present by worrying about the future.

--A man can be judged by the things at which he laughs.

--Wild oats take something out of a man's life that no system of crop rotation can restore.

--God is more interested in making us what we ought to be than in giving us what we think we ought to have.

--Hatred is self-punishment.

--Lighthouses don’t ring bells and fire cannons to call attention to themselves; they simply shine on.

Test Your Bible Knowledge of Persons Most Often Mentioned in the Bible

1. What man is the most mentioned man in the Bible? Hint: He was born in Bethlehem, but grew up in northern Palestine. __________

2. What king, mentioned 1,118 times in the Bible, is the second most mentioned man? He was the youngest of eight brothers. __________

3. What leader, with 740 mentions, ranks third? Hint: He was buried by God, and no man knows to this day where that was at. __________

4. What priest ranks fourth with a total of 339 references? Hint: His brother is described as having been the most humble man upon the earth. __________

5. What king has one less reference than the answer to Question 4 and ranks fifth? Hint: There was no Jewish man who was more handsome than this one or taller. __________

6. What patriarch, with 306 mentions, ranks seventh? Hint: This man had prayed to the Lord on behalf of any of the righteous who dwelt in Sodom and Gomorrah. __________

7. What wise king ranks eighth with his 295 mentions? Hint: This man had confessed to God in prayer that he was as a little child who didn't know how to go out or come in. __________

8. What man would, if his famous nickname were considered a real personal name, outrank all the others in the list? (As it stands, using his usual name, he ranks ninth with 270 mentions.) Hint: He had a son by the name of Issachar. __________

9. What government leader in a foreign land ranks tenth with 208 references?  Hint: He was his father's eleventh son. __________

10. What military man ranks eleventh with 197 references? Hint: He was the son of Nun, and had led Israel into battle against Amalek while Aaron and Hur helped in supporting Moses's hands that the battle might prevail in their favor. __________

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