Same-Sex Marriage: Does God Approve?

Same-Sex Marriage: Does God Approve?

Same-Sex marriage has become a hotly contested issue.

You have obviously been hearing a lot lately pertaining to homosexual, or same-sex, marriage. This “hot-button” topic has been covered by media organizations worldwide as a portion of our society that had been advocating this issue continues to increase.

Current statistics reportedly show that about three out of four Americans believe the legalization of same-sex marriages is inevitable.

But should the popularity of today’s trends define what is morally right? Since marriage is an institution divinely created by the omniscient God of heaven, it’s only logical that we seek His stand on this issue. And how should Christians confront this issue in a way that will please God? To answer these questions and more, we offer this video on the timely topic: “Same-Sex Marriage: Does God Approve?”

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