How to Treat Your Wife

How to Treat Your Wife

        Don’t shout at your wife when you are talking. It really hurts her. (Prov. 15:1)

        Do not speak evil of her to anyone. Your wife will become who you call her. (Gen. 2:19)

        Do not share your love for her with another woman. It is called adultery. (Matt. 5:28)

        Never compare your wife to another woman. We do not measure one person against another. (2Cor. 10:12)

        Don’t ever allow her to beg you for affection. She owns your body just as you own hers. (1Cor. 7:5)

        Be gentle and accommodating. She has sacrificed so much to be with you. It hurts her deeply when you are hash and irritating. Be tender. (Eph. 4:2)

        Hide nothing from her. You are now one, and she’s your help meet. Let there be no secret you are keeping from her. (Gen. 2:25)

        Do not make negative comment about her body. She risked her life and beauty to carry your babies. She is a living soul, not just flesh and blood.

        Do not let her appearance determine her worth to you. Cherish and appreciate her even in old age. (Eph. 5:29)

        Never shout at her in the public or in private. If you have an issue to sort out with her, do it in the privacy of your room. (Matt. 1:19)

        Thank and appreciate her for taking good care of you, the kids, and the house. It is a great sacrifice she is making. (1Thes. 5:18)

        All women cannot cook the same way; appreciate your wife’s food. It is not easy to cook three meals a day, 365 days a year for several years. (Prov. 31:14)

        Never place your parents or siblings before her. She is your wife. She is one with you. She must come before your family. (Gen. 2:24)

        Invest seriously in her spiritual growth. Spare no expense for material that will edify her and strengthen her walk with God. (Eph. 5:26)

        Spend time with her in Bible study and prayer. (James 5:16)

        Make time for recreation with her and enjoy her company. Remember when you are dead, she’s going to grieve and be lonely far longer than your friends. (Ecc. 9:9)

        Never use money to manipulate or control her. All your income is to be shared with her. She is a joint heir with you in this life as well a fellow heir of the grace of God. (1Peter 3:7)

        Do not expose her weakness. You will be exposing yourself, too. Be a shield around her. (Eph. 5:30)

        Honor her parents and be kind to her siblings. (Song of Solomon 8:2)

        Never cease to tell her how much you love her all the days of her life. (Eph. 5:25)

        Grow to be a better Christian; that is the only way you can become a truly good and godly husband. (Rom. 8:29) (Compiled by an evangelist in Africa)

Bibles and Smartphones

What if we began to treat our Bibles the way we treat our smartphones?

What if we carried our Bibles with us everywhere we go?

What if we went back home to get it if we forgot it?

What if we opened it to see what it says several times a day?

What if it was our go to when a hard question or emergency arises?

What if we spent a couple of hours with it every day?

Five Lies of Personal Identity

1) I am what I have.

2) I am what I do.

3) I am what others say or think about me.

4) I am nothing more than my worst moment.

5) I am nothing less than my best moment.

Before You Speak, Think

T - Is it True?

H - Is it Helpful?

I  -  Is it Inspiring?

N - Is it Necessary?

K - Is it Kind?

Just Like…

Pray just like Nehemiah

Obey just like Daniel

Lead just like Moses

Serve just like Epaphroditus

Believe just like Mary

Fight just like David

Teach just like Paul

Build just like Noah

Love just like Jesus

Test Your Knowledge of Old Testament Women

I became the first mother in the world. ____________________

I was the mother of the nation of Israel. ____________________

I was the harlot ancestor of Jesus. __________________

I was the Moabite ancestor of Jesus. ____________________

I was the Jewish queen of Persia. __________________

I was the wife of Hosea the prophet. ____________________


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