Church is Hard

Church Is Hard

By A. Freleen

Church is hard for the person walking through the doors, afraid of judgement.

Church is hard for the preacher’s family, under the microscope of an entire body.

Church is hard for the prodigal soul returning home, broken and battered by the world.

Church is hard for the girl who looks like she has it all together, but doesn’t.

Church is hard for the couple who fought the entire ride to service.

Church is hard for the single mom, surrounded by couples holding hands, and seemingly perfect families.

Church is hard for the widow and widower with no invitation to lunch after service.

Church is hard for the elder or deacon with an estranged child.

Church is hard for the person singing worship songs, overwhelmed by the weight of the lyrics.

Church is hard for the man insecure in his role as a leader.

Church is hard for the wife who longs to be led by a righteous man.

Church is hard for the single woman and single man, praying God brings them a mate.

Church is hard for the teenage girl, wearing a scarlet letter, ashamed of her mistakes.

Church is hard for the sinners.

Church is hard for me.

It’s hard because on the outside it all looks shiny and perfect. Sunday best in behavior and dress. However, underneath those layers, you find a body of imperfect people, carnal souls, selfish motives. But, here is the beauty of church:

Church isn’t a building, mentality, or expectation.

Church is a body.

Church is a group of sinners, saved by grace, living in fellowship as saints.

Church is a body of believers, bound as brothers and sisters by an eternal love.

Church is a refuge for broken hearts and a training ground for mighty warriors.

Church is a converging of confrontation and invitation. Where sin is confronted and hearts are invited to seek restoration.

Church is a lesson in faith and trust.

Church is a bearer of burdens and a giver of hope.

Church is a family. A family coming together, setting aside differences, forgetting past mistakes, rejoicing in the smallest of victories. Church, the body, and the circle of sinners-turned-saints, is where He resides, and if we ask, He is faithful to come.

So even on the hard days at church -- the days when I am at odds with a friend. When I’ve walked in bearing burdens heavier than my heart can handle, yet masking the pain with a smile on my face. When I’ve worn the pressures of the world, under the microscope. When I’ve longed for a baby to hold, or fought tears as the lyrics were sung. When I’ve walked back in, afraid and broken, after walking away -- I’ll remember, He has never failed to meet me there.


Brother I Need You

(By a sister in Christ)

Brother, I need you

To be courageous

Please test your heart

I plead.


I am commanded

While in worship

To keep silent

And let my brothers lead


I cannot say a public prayer

Or lend my skill of speech

I cannot serve the Table

Or direct our voice in song


The scriptures must be read

By a lower timbered voice

And the message must be given

By a brother; I have no choice


I tell you honestly, I would

Do all of these for you

I'd raise my daughters

As leaders... if only I could


But, these things are left to you, my brothers,

And it saddens me greatly to hear

To be witness of your refusal; decline,

Refusal to give our God your best


Please step up to be leader

Volunteer to do all you can

Be ready to answer the need

Stand up to serve when called


Please know, beloved brother,

God does not listen for your skills

He looks straight to your heart

And calls you to do your very best


And most of all, my brother,

Remember your dear sisters here

All depend upon you

To teach the younger men

To grow up and lead just like you

A Moment’s Wisdom

—A friend is one to whom you may pour out all of the contents of one’s heart, chaff and grain together, trusting that the gentlest of hands will take and sift it, keep what is worth keeping, and with a breath of kindness, blow the rest away.

—One of the best evidences of the inspiration and infallibility of the Bible is that it has survived both the fanaticism and ignorance of its friends and the hatred and stupidity of its enemies.

—We get married, not to be happy, but to make each other happy.

—Ignorance combined with silence is often mistaken for wisdom.

—One is never in worse company that when he flies into a rage and is beside himself.

—Parents must make every effort to teach their children how to make up their minds. One thing is certain: If they don’t learn how to make up their own minds, someone else will do it for them.

—Kindness planned for tomorrow does not count for today.

—Social law of physics: For every action there is an equal and opposite criticism.

—Too often when we tell a secret, it goes in one ear and out the mouth.

—When we are thirsty, it is too late to start thinking about digging a well.

—The pessimist feels bad when he feels good because he is afraid he will feel worse when he feels better.

—We cannot buy wisdom outright; it must be purchased in installments.

—The Bible is a book of prayers. It contains 667 recorded prayers, and lists 454 answers to those prayers.

—Too many people love security more than growth. They would like to learn how to swim as long as they can keep one foot on dry ground.

—God designed us to be courageous. A ship tied to the dock in the harbor is safe, but that is not what ships were built for.

—A sign that our character is growing is the ability to accept criticism without feeling resentment toward the one who gives it.

Test Your “Armor of God” Knowledge

“Gird your waist with _________ ” ?

 “Put on the breastplate of ________ ” ?

 “Shod your feet with __________ ” ?

 “Taking the shield of __________ ” ?

 “Take the helmet of _________ ” ?

 “Take the sword of _________ ” ?

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