MESSAGE: “My Father is glorified by this, that you bear much fruit, and so prove to be My disciples.” (John 15:8)

MEANING: Over the years, numerous artifacts have been discovered in Israel by biblical archeologists, but the greatest evidence for God is not in the ground.  It is in the hearts of His people.  Jesus taught that it was in producing spiritual fruit that God would be glorified and we would prove to be His disciples.  When faithful Christians get involved in good deeds, the fruits of love, kindness, and self-control are all exercised.  But perhaps even more wonderfully, sinners are able to witness our example, and can be inspired to make a change in their lives as well.

MOVEMENT: Invite a neighbor over for dinner.  Consider how you can turn that relationship into an opportunity to pass on the gospel.

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    11/21/18 07:30pm
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